Christian Dating Advice

Many churches have programs for families with children but they don't have activities for single groups. According to statistics there are 41 million people who have tried online dating.

When you use an Online dating site you can find amazing people,most of them want to be married.

List of best tips


Pray and get God involved. This one of the most important decisions of your life.

Don't get discourage

If you are not interested about any person in your local church it doesn't mean you will be alone all your life. If you want to find the perfect match for your life it may require some time and patience.

Don't do it because you are afraid to be alone

Many single people are getting married because they are scare of being alone and when we see them it is easy to realize they are not happy at all.

Don't do it because of pressure

Our family,friends and local congregations sometimes are pressing us because they want us to get married. Despite in most of cases there is a good intention,we should take such an important decision by ourselves.

Don't share everything

When you start to use an online dating website don't share all your personal information. Limit the number of pictures you share.

Date smarter

Once you see someone interesting meet in a public place and try to go with a group to feel more comfortable. Tell your family where are you going.

Ask smart questions

As Christians we now love and marriage go together. At same time it is very important to get to know deeper the other person and the only way to do it is asking deep questions:what is the goal of your life? what is your calling? how many children do you want to have?

Enjoy the process

If you are looking for the person with whom you will share your life you should start to enjoy the process from the begining. If it works then you will have amazing memories otherwise it will help you to learn and understand what qualities you really want to see in your perfect partner.

Be yourself

It seems obvious but don't lie. It means to be sincere about yourself because always is better to show who you really are.

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