Why are there many single Christians?

Travelling around the world I've seen a big number of Single Christian People and I always get upset about it because it means thousands and thousands of potential christian families with a great power to bless the earth.
On the other hand,I have to say that many Christian people are getting married by wrong motivations and as you know always it is better to be alone than in bad company.

Why Christian People are not getting married?

Short vision

This is happening when we are too much concentrated in our local Church activities. We are not against it but sometimes we need to do a balance and take care about what is important in our life. To find the best wife or husband is probably one of the most important decisions of our life and that is why we need to invest time on it.


I still remember this girl. She was nice looking and practically most of single brothers of the congregation were interested on her. She was somehow giving some hope to some of them and sincerely I think it was not right from her. When someone wanted to start dating her,she was refusing the proposal and making clear that she was looking for a guy with university degree,house owner,good income and many other requirements. There is nothing wrong to demand certain requirements from our future spouse but the most important thing is our attitude and what is motivating us. Short story,some years later that girl got married with a non believer guy then she got divorced and stop going to the church.


This is happening when we are sure that someone from our close circle or local church will be our future spouse. Again,there is nothing wrong about it,but what if the person that God made for us is in another Church,city or even another country? After all it will be our decision and if we are sure that we don't need to look further it is great but if we are taking such a decision only because of conformism we both agree that we are missing great opportunities and blessings for our life.

Confort zone

This point is connected with the previous one and it happens when we don't want to risk and we are not looking for other choices. When we are in a confort zone we don't risk nothing,we don't risk to be rejected for example.


Confusion could might be originated from external or internal sources. If we pay too much attention about the opinion of others regarding our future spouse probably we will get a big disappointment because only we know how should be the person we are looking for. Advises are always welcomed specially with people with moral authority. At same time and connected with the previous consideration we should spend quality time with God and ourselves in order to understand what kind of person we need. We should be specific because this way we will notice when this person will be in front of our eyes. Many times it can happen and we don't pay attention because we are confused and not focused on the important things.

Now that we analyzed some factor about why Christian People are not getting married we are in conditions to do some changes in our decisions and life in order to reach the great blessings that God has for us.

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